Nesh Pillay

"Wow, what diversity!"

— your audience, probably

Nesh Pillay

Hi, I'm Nesh.

Speaker. Entrepreneur. Marketer.

Agency head. Somebody's mom. 

Nesh Pillay


Nesh Pillay is the founder of Press Pillay, a digital communications agency on a social mission. She is also currently the Newcomers Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Toronto Public Library, where she works with new immigrants to bring their startup ideas to life.

She is a former journalist who covered international advertising and marketing as a founding reporter of The Drum’s New York team. She later joined Toronto-based EQ Works as their VP of Marketing, where she honed the art of “marketing for the marketer.”

Nesh has previously appeared in Canadian Association for Marketing Professionals and Direct Marketing Magazine. Her secret weapon is having learned the in's and out's of marketing, PR and branding from "the other side." 

She calls herself the "Robin Hood" of PR and believes that empathy can fix the world. 


Thought Leadership

Nesh Pillay


Here are five topics to which Nesh can speak as an expert:

  • PR in a digital age

  • female empowerment

  • Toronto’s PR evolution

  • mental health for entrepreneurs

  • how to incorporate philanthropy in your business model

Nesh Pillay


As a former journalist, Nesh is a skilled wordsmith and storyteller. She has written on a number of topics from her own personal mental health issues to the advertising industry at large. 

Nesh Pillay


Nesh is a witty, eloquent guest keeping audiences engaged from intro to conclusion.